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Put the kettle on!

Twigseeds fine bone china mugs are back, with totes to match! 

The perfect pairing for your morning tea or coffee, each has a colourful character and a heartfelt message to start your day. Plus, all four have a matching tote. These large, unbleached certified organic cotton totes are washable, sustainable and perfect for your daily shop.  totes are washable, sustainable and perfect for your daily shop. 


It's Not Always
Black and White

First published in 2008 by author and illustrator, Kate Knapp, this best selling book has made its way into hearts and homes around the world.

A colourful take on life's grey areas, this classic title looks at the ups and downs of life, and all the spaces in between. It's modern mindfulness with a dash of humour, a dose of insight and a healthy sprinkling of magic — exactly what the world needs right now.

Nest Eggs

Winged wonderings and wanderings from the feathery pen of Kate Knapp.

First published 10 years ago, this classic Twigseeds title is back by popular demand. With a stunning new cover featuring Kate’s whimsical artwork and re-imagined throughout, Nest Eggs is destined to become your next favourite book!


Take a peek inside!

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