Greeting Cards

The Twigseeds best selling range of whimsical greeting cards are the heart of the brand. Our mission at Twigseeds is to create quiet space for meaningful connection in an increasingly noisy world, which our delightful cards do as they spread soulful messages of joy and comfort around the globe.

To view the full range or to find a stockist, visit Affirmations Publishing House.


There are a number of published Twigseeds books, including the best selling and much loved title, It's Not Always Black and White, now celebrating it's 10th year in print!


To view the full range or to find a stockist, visit Affirmations Publishing House.

Life isn’t always clear and simple, cut and dried, open and shut, nor straight up and down. Written and illustrated by Kate Knapp, It's Not Always Black and White shines light on some of life’s dark dilemmas through quirky illustrations and insightful thoughts that remind us to smile and appreciate life.

Enter the charming and whimsical world of celebrated Australian artist Kate Knapp. Her delicate brush strokes bring a curious collection of colourful characters to life for your amusement and inspiration. The Twigseeds Collection – Pencil, Ink, Watercolour & Magic has been transformed into a beautiful new square edition. Featuring the artwork you know and love brought together in this beautiful hardcover book.

This enchanting and uplifting book will give you the insight and inspiration needed to chase your dreams and carve your own path in life. Filled with magic, divinity and purpose, Follow Your Own Star is an entirely necessary companion for you journey, or a beautiful gift for a person you love.

Take a magical carpet ride and discover a star-filled world where gravity is replaced by ethereal lightness and winged wisdom. Let sunbeams warm you, moonbeams charm you and sheltering angels protect you. Bless
the moment, trust yourself, and expect the best as you  join the Twigseeds muses on a blissful heartfelt journey to  To the Moon and Back. Let the adventure begin.

Your garden is a magical place, a natural wonderland filled with birds and bees and butterfly wings. It’s where stories start with “once upon a time”, and end with “happily ever after”. A Garden of Thoughts provides daily inspiration for living a bountiful, beautiful and blessed life. Discover an enchanted land where dreams are the fragrant blossoms of possibility.