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Where can I purchase Twigseeds products?

Greeting cards, stationery and books (AUS & NZ) – are produced by Affirmations Publishing House and are stocked in many lovely book and gift shops around Australia and New Zealand.

Please click here to find your closest stockist.

Mugs &  tote bags – coming soon! Follow us on social media or join our mailing list for updates.

Does Kate sell her original art or undertake commissioned artworks?

Thank you for your interest but Kate does not sell original artworks or undertake commissions.

Will Kate design my logo or illustrate a book I’ve written?

Thanks for thinking of us however Kate only illustrates for the Twigseeds and Ruby Red Shoes brands.

Can I reproduce Kate’s artwork?

Thank you for being respectful and asking but Kate's work is not to be reproduced without permission. All work is protected worldwide by copyright and trademarks.

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